1. Maria & Jaime

    Date 30 Aug 2017
    Maria & Jaime were walking on clouds. Their kids were jumping up and down of joy. A beautiful reunion and celebration of love in the magic pueblo Sayulita, down the Pacific Coast in Mexico. <3 in collaboration with Cam Cam Fotografia with Emilie Bernard. 

  2. Sofia & Ricardo

    Date 01 Mar 2017
    I think one of the most important things to keep a relationship sane :) is laughter.  And oh boy did Sofia and Ricardo laugh together! It was contagious, their love and their unstoppable smile.  I really enjoyed shooting this wedding, more so because I had my girls by my side…

  3. Ely&David

    Date 23 Dec 2016
    I’ve known Ely since my first months in Guadalajara. Since then we’ve shared so much. We’ve been shooting her beautiful jewellery and growing together while doing it ( ), she’s been there for me when I felt lost, she also was there for joy and gossip :))  So it’s really exciting…

  4. July

    Date 10 Nov 2016
    July is family. She got married down the beach with her other half a few months before this session took place. She came to visit me with her wedding dress and we enjoyed an afternoon with warm light.  Your wedding dress shouldn’t be wore only once, we all feel that…

  5. Paola & Pepe

    Date 10 Nov 2016
    Paola & Pepe decided to be a family the moment their beautiful daughter came into the world. Then they did the best party. And together with Ale Villasenor Urrea, all the memories were documented.  Thank you for choosing us and for being so wonderful on your wedding day!

  6. Adriana & Nicolas

    Date 10 Nov 2016
    Adriana is Mexican and Nicolas is french. They live in Paris for now but thinking of moving on to some other beautiful city on the globe. They met and fell in love smoothly, they decided to have the wedding in Mexico, and they combined amazingly the latino tradition, cactuses, tequila and…

  7. Sara & Diego

    Date 09 Nov 2016
    I met Sara & Diego in 2015 when they invited me to chat over a coffee about their wedding. I love when people follow my work on social media and they choose me as their photographer for the memories they will want to remember for ever. They told me they…

  8. Miriam & Roberto

    Date 09 Nov 2016
    Everybody wants a wedding like this but not everybody dares. Unconventional gorgeous bride & handsome relaxed groom, close family and best friends got together to celebrate love. It was truly magic, not cheesy at all and oh so fun. Thank you Miriam & Roberto!

  9. Cris & Emilio

    Date 09 Nov 2016
    Love is such a beautiful context. The day you celebrate it is the day your eyes shine, your smile comes naturally, the emotions are positive and the dreams are more present than ever.  This was such a great time I spent together with Cris & Emilio, their friends and families…

  10. Fabiola & Juan Carlos

    Date 09 Nov 2016
    For Fabiola & Juan Carlos I’ve shot as second photographer. Cam Cam Fotografia invited me and Camila was my partner for the job. As every wedding that we’ve donde together this was unforgettable.  It’s really almost a play to take beautiful portraits os such a perfect bride and such a handsome…

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