In Mexico City, Club Kids take the stage. How a group of underground queer artists came together to create a new kind of opera. Alberto Bustamante, La Bruja de Texcoco & Pepx Romero. Published in T Magazine, photos by Ana Topoleanu.

Two Mexican Photographers on Vulnerability and Legacy
Graciela Iturbide and Maya Goded discuss what they have learned from each other’s distinct artistic philosophies — including the power of waiting. T Magazine
A Romantic Mexico City Dinner to Toast a Growing Fashion Brand. How the designer Olivia Villanti, of the line Chava Studio, threw a party and a collection launch that felt sophisticated yet low-key.
Published in T Magazine, photos by Ana Topoleanu.
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In Oaxaca, a Meal to Celebrate a Pioneering Artist’s Legacy. To fete the opening of a new exhibition of work by, and inspired by Ana Mendieta, the curator Su Wu gathered friends for a comal-cooked brunch prepared by chef Thalia Barrios Garcia. T Magazine
Published in Vice Romania, a documentary story about the only Romanian restaurant in  Mexico City, Fodor Restaurant.
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Two doors down from the architect’s home in Mexico City, a fashion designer pays tribute to the country’s hand-hewn legacy.
T Magazine
Discovering Secret Beaches
With Ana Topoleanu
Published in Ignant 
film photography, 35mm, nude, intimate, documentary
Photos of Sweaty Romanians Roasting in the Summer Heat, published in UK Vice, a documentary story about the heat wave in Romania, Bucharest.
Girlfriends By Ana Maria
Published in Ignant, film photography, 35 mm, intimate, nude


(shot with Lomography XPro 200 ISO 35mm)

I’ve been living abroad for about 10 years now. Every year that I return to Romania I feel such a strong connection with my culture that I didn’t feel while living there. Hearing my own language, seeing the beauty of nature and the daily life of my people brings back memories of my childhood, of my past and it connects me with our history & traditions.

This is a series I’ve been working on this summer. I’ve spent 3 months in Romania and got to travel all over. I was especially drawn to the rural areas, places where cars rarely pass or they pass too fast to actually take in the surroundings.

Studies show that more than half of the Romanian population live in urban areas, although this was also true in the past, at the time the most important occupation was agriculture.

This series shows a part of my country that lives just like they did 100 years ago. With most of its population made up by the elderly who still work on their land. They keep working hard until they’re 80. They just do it. They live day by day, wondering about the rain that will feed their land, growing their animals and enjoying their family and community.


Best Restaurants in Guadalajara.

Hueso Restaurant, Guadalajara, Mexico, published in Travesias, 2015
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