‘You remind me of me’ is an intimate story about the relationship I have with my son. 

Parenting has been an experience that has provoked a lot of personal questions and brought forth self discoveries about my own childhood years. Things I once took for granted suddenly became clues to how I should behave with my son.

Offering him a healthy environment to develop, letting him explore, making him feel safe and loved has brought me closer to my own experiences as a child. It feels many times that I am reliving my childhood through him, but from a more conscious perspective. As an adult, I now have the intuition and emptional maturity to understand how little humans feel & behave.

This series is ongoing. As long as my son allows, I will go on shooting and documenting his evolution. Some of the photos are spontaneous and some are done consciously, a collaborative work of two humans that were once one.In the history of humanity, motherhood was not a choice. Once humans became sedentary, bringing children into a family meant more working hands, children being smaller adults. It was only in the industrial revolution that children began to become what they are now: a dream, a life project, the greatest love, an inheritance.

Many times motherhood is not so much a desire as an obligation, it is what you have learned all your life, it is what is expected of you as a woman, it is the right thing, the common thing. But having a child apart from the romantic side (the greatest and purest love you've ever experienced) is a very serious choice that especially affects a woman's life in dramatic ways.
We are lucky to have reached the top of feminism, women can now vote, study, have a career, decide on their life partner. Now there are family planning clinics and access to contraception. The emancipation of women and their empowerment has critically influenced the decision to become a mother.
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